Friday, March 21, 2008

People Who Don't Drink Coffee Should Not Make It

This is my story of how if you mess something up enough times, don't be frustrated, be glad.

I am one of those rare, non-coffee drinkers. I do not like the smell, or even like it on other people's breath when they talk after drinking it. I can't stand it. That being said, I do not own a coffee maker as I would have no use for it. I am afraid of them as they are just too high tech and since I don't like what comes out of them, I have never bothered to learn how to make it do what it does, namely, make coffee.

Sometimes I get ideas and try to go with them. Take for instance, the other day, while at work, I thought it would be nice for me to try to make some coffee for the office. This is something I have never done so I thought I would give it a shot. How hard could it be? Hummmm, sometimes ideas are better left in the head then out in public, but let me go on. I loaded up the filter thingy with coffee and then put the water in the coffee pot. I set the full-of-water coffee pot on the warmer plate thing and turned it on. Nothing happened. It made a few weird noises, but the water was still water - not coffee. Huh, did you know that it works better if you pour the water in the back of the coffee maker thing and let it heat up and run through the coffee grounds? Apparently, neither did I. Live and learn.

Well, the next day, I thought I would try again. I filled up the coffee pot and then put it in the back of the coffee maker, just like I had seen other people do. (Quick learner, I know) Ok, good, I was on a roll. What's next? Oh yeah, gotta add the coffee gounds in the filter. Hummm, there are some soggy coffee grounds already in the filter, they are only a day old, let's just reuse them. Apparently some of my co-workers didn't think this was such a good idea...Fine. So, after not wanting to hear any more whining from anyone, I decided to just fill the filter with new coffee grounds and press start. I was on my way, a coffee making fool!

What??? More whining? Apparently it was too strong. I filled the filter to the top with the coffee grounds. What do you mean I was only supposed to put three scoops? ARRRRGGGGGGG!

Well, so be it. That is the story of how my making coffee for the office has come to a complete halt. My moral learned: If you screw something up big enough and enough times, it is amazing how suddenly you will be the last person on the list for that job. Live and learn, people, live and learn.
Cindy Breninger