Monday, October 6, 2008


In August, 1987, I lost my mom to breast cancer. I was 16 and learned first hand how cancer can, er, does affect a family.

For the last several years, my sister, our kids, and I walk the breast cancer walk in memory of my mom. Our little group dresses up for the walk every year. We pile on the pink. There is no such thing as too much pink in our group. Last year, or maybe the year before, a lady walking near us said, "You girls are PINKTASTIC!" Yes we were!

I can count on one hand, plus a few fingers from the other hand, how many people I know with breast cancer, and well, that is just too many. So ladies, let's be pinktastic and continue to be pinktastic until there is a cure and we no longer have to walk. Pile on the pink and let's hope a cure is found soon!
2008 Cindy Breninger
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