Friday, November 8, 2013

Don't hate me, but....

...we put up our Christmas tree last night.

But....we didn't put it near a window, so hopefully the neighbors won't see it and egg our house. I know how some of you it's-too-early-you-should-wait-until-after-Thanksgiving types can be. ;) 

We have a fake tree as I am allergic to the real ones. Yes, I really am - never had a real tree in my life. One thing I can say for us fake tree people - we can put up a tree in nothing flat. Oh! And with the advancement of the fake trees that come with the LIGHTS ON THEM, cuts the setting up time in half! (Hats off to the genius who invented trees with built-in lights, hats off to you!)

Our tree is pretty cool this year. We have red lights with red and silver ornaments. It looks really pretty and I love it. (See picture.)

I love November. I love the time change and sleeping in an extra hour. I love the weather getting colder. I love Christmas music and movies. I love how this time of year just makes me happy.  Bring on the cold and the snow. Happy holidays to all and trust me, I am not this happy in the hot, hot, hot summer, so I have to live it up from now until January 1. Let the holidays begin! :)