Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to Make A Rock Air Plant Holder

Hi all!
I spent today in the garage hanging out with the dremel, some air plants, and a bag of rocks. Give me items like these and I will come up with something to make.

The first rock I wanted to use was pretty plain, sort of looked like a potato, but it had potential. I decided I wanted to make this into a mini air plant holder. I started by drilling three holes in the top of the rock. Oh, if you want to do this, please make sure you wear your goggles and a face mask.  I have said before that I don't want you to get bits of rock in your eyes or your lungs, so please cover up. Better safe than sorry.

I dipped the rock in some water and then started to drill. Since my drill is electric, I dip the rock in the water and then dremel on the rock. Do not put the dremel in the water. Duh, I know, but I would worry if I didn't mention that.

 Once I finished the three holes, I washed off the rock and added three mini air plants. How cute is this??? I love it.

Next I wanted to try writing on a rock. I am pretty new to this, but I love it so much and that makes practice a lot of fun. I just randomly wrote "Laugh Often" and added a little smiley face. I again dipped the rock in the water and then started to drill. Once I was done, it seemed kind of plain, so I drilled a hole and added an air plant. Again, super cute!

For my last rock of the day, I kept it simple. I drilled a heart and again, it was too plain, so I added a hole for, you guessed it, an air plant. I really like how simple it is, but how clean it looks.

Here is the finished three hole air plant rock:

And the finished Laugh Often rock.

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Cindy Breninger