Friday, August 31, 2012

Skunks, skunks, and more skunks!

This is not wood related, but kind of funny, so thought I would share. :) 

Last night I took my kids to Discovery Park on our way home from dinner. I thought it would be fun to walk around for a few minutes before going home. We got out of the car and about 50 feet away, we saw a little black and white....skunk??? We were amused as it was the first time we had seen one in person. He was kind of cute so we kept watching him. A few minutes later we noticed a few more skunks coming out of the bushes. Then a few more. And a few more and even a few more after that! Pretty soon there were about 20 of them. It reminded me of Gremlins - they kept multiplying! 
My son wanted to get a better look and he kept inching closer to them. Being that they were about 20-30 feet away, I didn't think we needed a better look, but then again, I am not a teenager...

He got closer to the group of skunks who were just hanging out, doing whatever it is skunks do, all with their tails down. My son got closer still and all at once, tails up! I told my son to back away slowly. I also told him that if he gets sprayed, he was walking home. ;) Lucky for him he didn't get sprayed and was allowed back in the car. I wanted to share as it cracked me up. Have a wonderful weekend!

Cindy Breninger