Monday, December 17, 2012

The final finished fish!


The concrete fish is finished!  

After I let it dry for a few days, I brought it inside for the finishing touches. I hand painted each rock with a waterproof sparurathane. It helps preserve the concrete and also helps the rocks stick on better. 

 The fish in the picture to the left is covered with sparurathane, to the right it is dry. The picture at the bottom shows the final finished fish!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jacked Up Logs and a Fish Birdbath

  My weekend started with a bunch of new logs. I love thinking of all the new things I can make. I turned on some music, got out the skilsaw, the drill, the dremel and the sander and went to work. I was out in the garage for hours and loved every minute of it. Below are some of the things I made.

One of my favorite things I make are these split-log candle holders. I think they are beautiful. They look very simple, but are very time consuming.

These start out as dirty, sliced logs. Not the prettiest things to look at. There is a television show where they "jack up the bride" by putting on the veil and maybe a tiara, they "jack her up" and make her look pretty. I like to think that about the logs. Not so pretty at first, but once they get sanded and clear coated, they get jacked up and are beautiful.

A project I am currently working on is a custom order. It is going to be a fish birdbath. I am pretty new to working with concrete, but I love the idea and couldn't wait to get started. I first put down some plastic and freehand drew the shape I wanted. It is 19" by 11".  Then I put the concrete between the lines and hoped for the best. 

 I then added the sides and the rocks. I am hoping it comes out and looks as great as I think it will. I am going to give it a few days to dry and then add the spar urethane as a clear coat. My son keeps checking on it and now wants me to make one for him.  I have to say that so far it is much better than I even imagined. I will post new pictures in a few days of the finished fish. 

I love working with logs and concrete. Had someone told me a year ago I would be doing either of these things, I would not have believed them. I really stumbled into all this by accident, but it was the best accident in my life. I hope to keep improving and making new things. I hope people will continue to enjoy them.

Take care.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday, or The Cat Drives Me Nuts-Day!

Wordless Wednesday. Or, as I like to call it, THE CAT DRIVES ME NUTS-Day! She knocked over the tree and was eating it - and this was not the first time. Did I mention it is an artificial tree? So many things wrong with this cat, I don't even know where to begin. Oh, sorry, back to Wordless Wednesday, I think I have said too much. No more words for me...shhhh.

A quick update.

Just a quick update. My son had his spine surgery three weeks ago today and is doing wonderfully! He ended up getting two 6.5" titanium rods and 12 screws in his spine. But, after three weeks, he is walking around and feeling much better. :)

Neil the Tortoise, is doing great too. He is so cute in this picture - he looks like he is smiling! Working it for the camera. He wanted to be a supermodel, but it took way too long for him to walk the runway. Sorry Neil.

I will post a picture of the cat tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. She leaves me speechless. Furious and speechless, is more like it. More on that tomorrow. A picture will say1000 words....

Hope you are having a wonderful day!