Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jacked Up Logs and a Fish Birdbath

  My weekend started with a bunch of new logs. I love thinking of all the new things I can make. I turned on some music, got out the skilsaw, the drill, the dremel and the sander and went to work. I was out in the garage for hours and loved every minute of it. Below are some of the things I made.

One of my favorite things I make are these split-log candle holders. I think they are beautiful. They look very simple, but are very time consuming.

These start out as dirty, sliced logs. Not the prettiest things to look at. There is a television show where they "jack up the bride" by putting on the veil and maybe a tiara, they "jack her up" and make her look pretty. I like to think that about the logs. Not so pretty at first, but once they get sanded and clear coated, they get jacked up and are beautiful.

A project I am currently working on is a custom order. It is going to be a fish birdbath. I am pretty new to working with concrete, but I love the idea and couldn't wait to get started. I first put down some plastic and freehand drew the shape I wanted. It is 19" by 11".  Then I put the concrete between the lines and hoped for the best. 

 I then added the sides and the rocks. I am hoping it comes out and looks as great as I think it will. I am going to give it a few days to dry and then add the spar urethane as a clear coat. My son keeps checking on it and now wants me to make one for him.  I have to say that so far it is much better than I even imagined. I will post new pictures in a few days of the finished fish. 

I love working with logs and concrete. Had someone told me a year ago I would be doing either of these things, I would not have believed them. I really stumbled into all this by accident, but it was the best accident in my life. I hope to keep improving and making new things. I hope people will continue to enjoy them.

Take care.