Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Need of a Fishing Pole!

We are up to 30 guppies, up from 9 fish a few days ago. Cripes.

My son and I had a brilliant idea, if we took out the female guppy, who we were told was a male, then there wouldn't be any more babies. Uh-huh. We were soooo smart. Get rid of the girl fish and no more baby fish. Pretty simple. Riiiiggghhhtt.

Oh, sidenote, in case you were wondering: I have named them all Elvis, or I call them The Swimming Elivs, or Elvises, or maybe it is the Swimming Elvi. Doesn't matter, hopefully you get the drift. We also have a sucker fish named Sucky, and we did not buy a snail, but there is one in the tank so it is called Snail, but other than that, they are all Elvis. We still can't figure out how the snail got in there...did it hitch a ride with the female who was supposed to be a male? I wonder....

Anyway, my son and I thought we had a great idea to take the female out and as we were trying to figure which one was the female, my daughter reminded us that even if we took out the female, well, there were still 20 new baby fish and some of those might be girls - and then what?

So, the way I see it is, we have one female who is having babies, about 10 or more every 30 days, and now we have 20 new fish, and if one of those 20 new fish has babies and those babies have babies and so one and so on and so on, can you imagine the mess of fish we could have within a year? Makes my head spin!

Anyone have a fishing pole? No reason for asking.

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