Monday, February 4, 2013

How to make an engraved log candle holder.

 I often get asked how to engrave logs. I love answering this as it involves the dremel, which just so happens to be my favorite tool. I could talk about it for hours.

To make an engraved log candle holder, first get a log that you think has pretty bark. I love trees and love picking out the prettiest logs. Once I find one that is just right, I cut it with the skilsaw. My skilsaw has a 12" blade, so I can cut through about 5 1/2". So much fun! 

Once I get the log cut, then I drill the hole for the tea light. Once I finish drilling, I then sand the top and bottom of the candle and get it ready to engrave.

Now the real fun begins! I freehand on the log whatever I need to have engraved. Writing on tree bark is not easy, but it can be done with just a little bit of effort.     
 When I like how it looks, I fire up the dremel.  I set the dremel on the highest speed and start engraving. Oh, I always wear goggles and a face mask as I don't like getting things in my eyes or in my lungs that should not be there. I would suggest the same for you.

 You will find that sometimes it is easier to turn the log than to try to maneuver the dremel. To each their own, but I will turn the log around many, many times just to get around a corner. 

Once you are finished, you will have a very pretty, personalized, engraved log candle holder. 


Dust it off and add a clear coat and wha-laa! 
Your own engraved log candle holder.

Cindy Breninger
Deerwood Creek Gifts