Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Log! Everyone Wants a Log. Sing-along at the end.

My son and I went to the "log" store where we get our wood for making our items.  As we were loading up our logs into the back of the car, we spotted this big, lovely, beautiful piece of wood that we both had to have. This thing is a monster. It must weigh about 20+ pounds.

We took it home and my son sanded it. It is so smooth, it feels soft. I have no idea what we are going to make out of it or use it for, but we ended up bringing it in the house and used it as a footrest. It is so smooth, it feels really good on the feet. It is still natural without stain or topcoat, but I am thinking it might not need any, did I mention how smooth it is? 

Well, as of right now, I am keeping it as a foot rest unless we can think of a better idea. If you have any, I would love to hear them! :)

As the song goes, (Please feel free to sing along):

What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs,
Rolls over your neighbor's dog?
What's great for a snack and fits on your back?
It's Log, Log, Log!
It's Log, Log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
It's Log, Log, it's better than bad, it's good!
Everyone wants a log! You're gonna love it, Log!
Come on and get your log! Everyone needs a Log!