Sunday, January 20, 2008

Apparently the guy at the fish store was wrong!

We just added another guppy fish to our fish tank and the guy at the pet store told us it was a male...apparently he was wrong as we now have over 20 baby guppies.

Fish are really hard to count as they just won't be still, but we think we are close to the real number. Yesterday we found nine babies, but we today found 11 more brand new ones, just born today. That is 20 new babies in a few days. Our tank isn't supposed to have over 10 fish and now we have 20 NEW BABY FISH!

I read up on guppies and they can have between 1 - 200 babies every 30 days. Did you read that? 1 - 200 babies every 30 days!!! My tank is only supposed to hold 10 fish. Oh, after they drop a load of babies, they are ready to get pregnant again within hours...HOURS! The babies are super cute, and they are so tiny, but I don't want a bazillion of em'!

Oh, wait. The kids just counted again and our tank that started with about 9 fish, is now up above 30....Help!