Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our "Shop" and why our skilsaw stays on the ground.

Hi all,
Apparently there has been a little trouble brewing over at Etsy, the website that hosts my online shop. Apparently one of the shops they featured claimed to be run by a lady who handmade all her items by herself, but after some looking into, turns out she did not make her items and they were not handmade. With that said, I thought I would show some pictures of my son and I making some of our items.  I know there was never any doubt, but I thought it would be fun to show you a little bit about how our log candles and wood items are made and the people who make them. 

Our set-up is pretty primitive, but works pretty well. We have the skilsaw on the ground. My son and I prefer it this way and there is no chance it will fall off of a work bench and since neither of us want to catch it, I am all for it.  We do the major woodcutting on the driveway as it puts out a lot of sawdust that I don't want in the garage.

Inside the garage, we have four kitchen chairs and a piece of plywood as our workbench. We have clamps at both ends holding the plywood down. We also have another clamp that holds the wood for drilling and sanding.

We recently acquired a new skilsaw and it is awesome - cuts through logs like butter!  On a side note, the man at the saw store said, "It will cut off your fingers before you even know they have been cut off." So, my son and I both remind each other of this before each cut and I do a visual of where all fingers and even toes are before we cut.

We have a radio that I always set to the country station, but somehow it gets moved to the newer pop station when the kids are out there. Funny how that happens.

I love being out there and seeing what we can make. Sometimes my daughter will have an idea and she will "request" that we make whatever she is thinking of. I like when that happens as it is fun to make her visions come to life.

We have been out there in the hot sun, the cold rain, wind, you name it, we have worked through it. Sometimes it gets so hot that the goggles fog up. Sometimes it is so cold, we have to put on several layers of clothes. But, it is all good.

I really love that I have found something that I enjoy doing and that my kids enjoy. I never imagined we would have a business - especially one where I am using power tools! I am even getting to the point where I can tell the difference between Oak, Olive, Walnut, Eucalyptus, etc.

At the beginning of January, I don't think I had ever used a power tool in my life. Ever. Now we have the new skilsaw, the drill, a sander and a jigsaw. There are so many new saws and drills and things that I am finding - I want them all! But, that will come in time, I suppose.
Well, take care and I hope you always enjoy whatever it is that you are doing. I know I am!
Cindy Breninger

P.S. Don't forget to check out the Spring Market this Saturday. It will be our first craft show.