Friday, October 19, 2007

October, 2007 Diamond and Hitchhiker

Diamond and Hitchhiker
Those are the names my son gave his two new crickets. Yep. He goes to the pet store and buys the little feeder crickets and keeps them as pets. At eight cents a cricket, works for me! Anyway, he used to have 60, but they all died out (darn-NOT!) and I thought he forgot about them. Nope. So, we actually bought four tonight, but when we checked the cage, there were only two. Great. Have a good night all! P.S. He can't believe someone would actually buy the crickets as food for another animal. To him, that would be like feeding your puppy or kitten to another animal. He wants to save all the crickets. :)Never a dull moment around here......
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Seasons said...

Children are innocent and the way they see the world should teach us all a thing or two about the way we live our lives!