Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007 Cancer Walk

Today I participated in a breast cancer walk. Pink is the signature color for breast cancer and my sister, niece, kids and I walked along wearing pink wigs, pink boas, and even pink eyelashes. About half-way into the walk, I began to wonder the importance of why we were there. What made me get up that morning and walk several miles and donate money? I don't even like exercise, yet here I was, walking more than I have walked in a very long time. My feet were hurting, the wig was itching, and I was getting tired. My kids were hungry and walking very slowly. Why did I put myself through this every year? Why didn't I just stay home and sleep in on a cold, Sunday morning? As I was wondering these things, I looked in front of me and saw a lady with a name tag on her backpack that read, "Walking In Honor of ME". I stopped in my tracks and realized why I was walking.

Even though I am healthy, one day I could be the one with that name tag and it made me shiver. I again looked at the lady and realized why I was there. I was walking in memory of my mom and to honor those who are still fighting. If I ever do get cancer, I hope "they" will have found a cure. I hope my financial contribution to walk helps lead to a cure and my physical contribution of being there helps draw awareness. I hope with all that I have that I don't get cancer, but if I do, I hope my contributions have made a difference and there will be people walking to honor me.

I am surprised by the impact that name tag had on me. I want a cure to be found so that she will be back next year...and the year after...and the year after that. Next year, when I get up early on a cold, Sunday morning to walk, I will think of her and look for her and I will not complain about being tired from walking or an itchy wig. I doubt I will ever see her again, but I hope she is there with that same name tag for many years to come. I will be thinking of her and hoping she is beating this terrible disease.
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Anonymous said...

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Amy Oscar said...

Cindy - I simply cannot let this thought get past me... There is absolutely no evidence that left-handed people get cancer more than right handed folk. How incredibly foolish to report such nonsense. As a women's magazine editor, and a holistic healer, I have to make this very clear: Even those who are genetically predisposed to cancer (and there is a big IF in that research too, as genetics may not actually be the determinant--it may, in fact, be habits learned within families (geography, habits of negative thinking, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.) can avoid cancer by simply tuning up their lifestyle practices--eat whole, organic foods, avoid chemical additives and preservatives, avoid microwave ovens, avoid excess sugar and diet sodas... etc. If we take care of our bodies and our thoughts--especially our thoughts--we reduce the risk of cancer enormously. My thinking on this can go on and on. If you want to read more about it, try my blog:

The only thing I've ever heard about left-handed people was that they were better at math and music. Is that true for you?

Amy Oscar said...

uh oh, it sounds as if I was criticizing YOU for reporting the left-handed cancer link. I wasn't--at all. I meant it was irresponsible of the media to report that so-called fact. Sorry if my comment came acros that way.

Cindy Breninger said...

When I wrote that, I was wondering if anyone was going to pick up on that and I thought the wording was a bit iffy. I should have been more clear that the source was from a media story a few months ago. When I first heard it, I cried as my mom was left handed and she died from cancer. Now, with my daughter being left handed, the connection scared me. But, you are right, she is very smart and good at music! So was my mom, so I like your stats much better! I will post this as a comment on the page so everyone knows no harm meant and no taken! :) I will have to re-write part of this.

Cindy Breninger said...

I took it out and I like it so much better! Just another example of why you are the best writer ever, Amy! :)