Thursday, November 22, 2007

Check. Grumble grumble. Check Check.

Hot water in the tub? Check
Bubble bath with lots of bubbles? Check Check
Good book, great radio station, and lots of candles so I can sit in the tub and relax? Check Check Check

Time elapsed one minute.

Kid knocking, er, pounding on door wanting me to get out and yell at the other kid for who-knows-what? Check. Grumble grumble. Check Check.
(c)2007 Cindy Breninger All Rights Reserved.


Bex said...

Dude! Been there, done that and have the ceremonial T-shirt! Oh, and God forbid if you EVER want to actually go to the bathroom to, eh, use the bathroom. It's like kids have a homing device that tells them, "Mommy has to go Big Potty!!! Let's ALL kick the door down together!"

I feel ya, Sista!

Bex @

Black Zedd said...

Hi Cindy!

Peering your routine reminds me of one of my favorite cartoon, the Baby Blues...

Such a lot in common:-) Hang on steady!

My Satirical Blog

Red said...

I'm grateful for your visit, and thanks for the kind words.
Your words, are a big help for me.
By the way, your posts a very good to read as always,
While reading them, I understand that you are a lady with a big heart.
I wish you the best.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Amy said...

i guess it's good while it lasts!

Michelle Hix said...

What were you thinking trying to relax for 5 minutes? I bet you won't be trying that again! :)