Monday, November 26, 2007

Rid Your Home of Cat Hair; Without Getting Rid of the Cat!

There comes a time in a person's life when one just has to grab the reins and take control of a situation. No more sitting helplessly on the sidelines, whining; no way, action must be taken. The problem must be solved by whatever means are necessary. There is a huge problem in my house and I am going to think of a way to fix it. I am talking about cat hair, people, tons and tons of cat hair.

We have two cats, Elvis and Daisy May, and we have a ton of cat hair. Gross, I know. I put on my glasses the other day and I kept wiping the outside of the lens as it seemed a bit blurry, only to come find out that it wasn't blurry and the lens was fine; there was a piece of cat hair on the inside of my lens. There it was, taunting me, on the inside of the lens. Bug! And again, gross!

This morning, I put on a pair of black pants, well, they used to be black, but this morning they were kind of orangy-grayish-whitish. Gosh, any guesses what colors our cats are?

The final straw with these hairballs, er, cats, was after I lint-rolled my black pants and I sat down at the computer to check my e-mail. Guess what the cats did??? Any guesses? Any? That's right, the little feline furballs decided to rub up against my leg all nonchalantly, as if I wouldn't notice, and left their hair all over the bottom half of my legs! Sneaking little buggers, aren't they? Not only did they leave their mark in hair on my leg, but some of it managed to crawl up and land on my sweater. I swear, how does it know where to find the black clothes? How does it know?

Well, I am not going to sit back and take this covered in cat hair anymore. I am putting my foot down. I thought about getting out the vacuum and giving them a once over, but thought that might not be a good idea, especially if they got sucked up or something. I thought about shaving them, but I don't like the look of hairless cats and my kids would kill me and I want to live a long time. I need another option. Let me think. Hummmmm.

Click! Ooooh, my light bulb in my brain just went on. Instead of having to lint-roll the second hand hair that has migrated to my clothes, what if I could cut it off at the source? Good thinking, I tell myself as I as I pickup the lint roller off the table. Instead of lint-rolling me while I am wearing my clothes, I could cut out a step and lint-roll the cats, thus, solving the problem of their hair on my clothes, hair on my glasses, and thus giving the cats a much longer life span. Total genius!Sometimes I just amaze myself. Here kitty kitty...Here kitty kitty....Here kitty kitty.
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Kellan said...

"Sometimes I just amaze myself" - too funny. We have three cats- I need to try this. See ya, Kellan

Grilled Pizza said...

We have 2 cats too, similar colours and similar problems.
We have laminate flooring which helps and we lock them out of the lounge while we are in bed which helps.
You can never solve the problem, but go on admit it, they're worth it :0)

astrogalaxy said...

That's a wise move.
I don't own any cats but I do have rabbits. I'll try too ...

Kitty said...

You're going to lint roller me? :-O

Oh, I see what you mean. We have just the one cat, but she's very generous with her cat hair. I have to hoover every day and am forever using the lint roller on our clothes.

But she's worth it. :-) x

Houcine said...

Yes, I see what you mean. But when you have to choose between your kitty and your lovely "kiddy" things get tougher, and doctors leave you just one sad choice. That's my case. However I'm really glad for you and .....the cats.

Maria said...

Hey I actually did the sweeper thing on my cat. He love it! Just use one of those hand sweepers or use an attachment on your big vacuum. I think it feels good to cats. My old cat loved it too!

Liz said...

I've given up on removing cat hair from my clothing. If I clean myself up before going to work, I end up covered in more hair at work because we have two cats. Leaving the hair on my clothes gives me something to do while sitting on the bus, stuck in traffic. I can pick them off one hair at a time to keep my mind off the fact that we're not moving.

Oh, and if you want to get rid of the hair directly at the source try one of those little hand held Sweepa brushes, with rubber bristles. I bought one when I was foolish enough to think I should remove the hair from my clothing. I gave up using it on myself but the cats LOVE it. Gets off way more fur than a brush.

Stephen said...

Hmm, between the cat hair and the scratching and hissing during the cat-rolling process, I think I'll take the cat hair.

Well, if I could have cats. We're all allergic. :)

Anonymous said...

Freakin' hysterical. Did you get clawed during that process?

I am highly allergic to cats and my MIL has one. Her house is full of hair too! I think she just doesn't want me visiting! Ha!

Moody said...

I am going to invent a fabric that's the color of pet hair and baby spit-up and be a millionaire! Of course it would be too ugly for anyone to want to buy, but still...

Kathleen said...

Four cats here. Fur is a constant. I wake up with cat-hair attached to my eyelashes. I fight off my ginger tabby whenever I have peanut butter. I fear for my life with the black one if I go for the margarine.
We use a lint brush (and sometimes masking tape). Generally, I just vaccuum a lot.
Gotta love 'em! They do have that habit of going for dark pant legs. My husband has to roll up his trouser legs to get out the door for work!
(stop by my blog for a Cat post today!)