Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You're Not Pregnant? Are You Sure?

My kids and I went to the doctor's today to get our throats swabbed for strep throat, something I absolutely hate. As we were sitting in the little room waiting for the nurse to jam a Q-Tip down our throats, I thought of something funny and started laughing. I do that a lot, I think of something funny and then laugh; my kids seem to do a lot of eyerolling. I wonder if the two are related. Hummmm.

Anyway, I was thinking back to a few years ago when I was in the doctor's office and I overheard two nurses talking outside the door. Nurse 1, who sounded very angry, said, "This little boy just asked if I was pregnant." Nurse 2 asked, "Well, what did you tell him?" I think she asked because I think she also wondered the same thing. Nurse 1 said, "I told him no, that I was not, and that it was very rude to ask!" Then she continued, "The little boy looked at me again and asked, 'Are you sure?'"

pffffffttttt. Giggle Giggle. Hehe. Snicker Snicker. I know, it was very rude of that little boy to ask if she was sure she was not pregnant, but even so, it was kind of funny.

After thinking about what the little boy said, Nurse 2 couldn't help it and she laughed; finally so did nurse 1. Then she made a comment about getting on a treadmill and they both laughed again, so it had a happy ending. Whew.

So, back to me sitting there waiting to have the cottonball-on-a-stick shoved down my throat to see if I have strep, I was hoping like mad that some little kid would ask this nurse that same question. She was very skinny, but since she was making me miserable, I thought it would be ok to make her miserable as well, at least for a minute or two. Did I mention I hate have my throat jabbed with a Q-Tip? And that I get crabby when I am sick? And when I am sick and crabby I think bad things about the people who are poking things in me? Well, I do. Hey kid, where are you? How come I can never find a rude kid when I need one?
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Michelle Hix said...

My neighbor keeps complaining that her stomach is too big (I have to admit, its oddly large compared to the rest of her body). It doesn't seem to bother her enough for her to get on the treadmill though. And yet, I've been standing right in front of her when someone has asked if she was pregnant. I almost died! And it was an adult! How embarrassing!

Cindy Breninger said...
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Anonymous said...

Guess who wrote a new post!!??
I hate being sick. I have gotten strep many a time in my life. IT sucks,BIG TIME>
I hope it isn't strep. I hope whatever it is youre over it soon.
Such a trooper, posting daily, even when sick.

I tell ya, you need an award for that.
much luv~d

Cindy Breninger said...

I will never forget when I was holding my then two-month-old baby in my arms, someone came up to me and tried to rub my tummy and asked me when I was due! I will never, ever ask someone if they are pregnant, even they were going into labor! I would never make fun of anyone as I am not the size I would like to be, but I thought it was funny that he asked her, "Are you sure?" :) hehe

Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

LOL! wait, wait, what did your kids say when you just started laughing randomly? did you at least tell them you were laughing at that pregnant story? lol... also, was nurse 2 really fat or just had a big belly? LOL!


Juliana RW said...

what a coincidence that i also not feeling very well today, also my throat little bit itchy :)

moooooog35 said...

"...I think bad things about the people who are poking things in me..."

I guess this explains the parade of angry men leaving your house.

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Amy said...

hope you feel better soon.

Amy said...

ihave to laugh because i just posted a comment and the word verification was..... fatty!!!

Maria said...

Funny. Twice I was asked if I was pregnant. The first time I was working at a day care center and hadn't anounced it yet and a 4 year old boy sat on my lap, patted my tummy, and asked if I had a baby in there. The second time I had gained a little weight and my then 6 year old walked in my room while I was getting dressed. He said it looked like I had a baby in my tummy. I went on a strict diet starting right then and lost 10 pounds. I step on the scale every morning to make sure I didn't put them back on!