Sunday, October 5, 2008

2008 JDRF Walk in Sacramento

My kids, sister, niece, a few friends, and me, all woke up very, very, very early this morning and headed out to the capitol to begin the 2008 Juvenile Diabetes walk. This was the first JDRF walk I have participated in and it was a great walk.

We walked behind a group of about ten people who were all dressed as pirates. They had pirate bandanas, swords, everything. One of the "pirates" was pushing a young boy in a wheelchair, his group was walking for him. Since we were behind the group of pirates, I had plenty of time, or 3.5 miles, to read the backs of their shirts. Printed on their shirts was a pirate map. The "treasure" was the cure for diabetes. How cute is that?

Walking hand in hand with my kids, I kept thinking that that little boy could have easily been mine, or any one of our kids. With that thought, I hope they find the "treasure" soon. Those kids deserve it.
Cindy Breninger
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What a cool blog Cindy, I have been reading steadily, you mix serious stuff like JDRF and things like Cinco de mayo and Presley and parenthood so beautifully.