Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Craft fair update.

Hi all,  I thought I would give a quick update to our first craft fair.  We spent almost an entire month making new items. I would come home after work and we would go right to the garage, sometimes making new things for hours. I spent many nights worrying that I wouldn't have enough items to sell. I had put everything from hiking to skiing to horseback riding on hold to make new items. Fast forward to the craft fair and let's just say that we had way more than enough. I think there must have been 50 people all day, about 1000 less than what was expected.    

But, it wasn't a total loss as I met some great people and maybe some new potential buyers, so that was nice. It also showed me that I can make a lot of things in a short amount of time.

I have since learned to find out the type of crowds who will be attending the craft fair and what types of items they will buy.

Last night the kids and I realized that this was the first night in a long time that we didn't have to make anything and didn't have any worries about our business so we fired up the BBQ and relaxed........aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  and I loved every minute of it!

As for doing another craft fair, I would love to.  I learned a lot and next time  I will be much more prepared. Oh, another positive is that now I have plenty of items in stock and will be ready when the next order comes in, so that is good.

So, here's to craft fairs and let's hope the next one is more successful. :) 

P.S. My daughter made these glow in the dark smiley rocks and shells the night before. The crowd was so small, we didn't even get a chance to give them away. Next time. :) 




LittleGreenGuy said...

Craft fairs can be hard, figuring out if you are in the "right" area, and how big (or small) they may be. My first one was a bit of a bust ;). I did the same thing and stocked up and had visions of "selling out" but alas that did not happen ;) Keep on keepin' on though! You will find a fair or market that works for you and your awesome creations!!!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Fairs are a craps shoot. I used to do art fairs and sold very little, but it was always fun to talk to people and see everyone else's stuff!

Blogging Buddies

Lisa said...

I have thought about the craft fair thing as well. I find though that at least where i live they are very expensive so you have to sell a ton to make it worth all of the trouble.hmmm

ImagesByCW said...

Well done, Cindy! I wish I was brave enough to try a craft show...
See you around IYF,
Claudia (aka ImagesByCW)