Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Log Shed. :)

 I told my son that I wanted a shed to keep the logs for our business dry during the winter. We looked at sheds we could buy, but they seemed pretty pricey and I wanted something cheaper.

My son told me he could make me a log shed and all he needed was plywood, nails, and 2 X 4's.

 I bought him the plywood, nails, and 2 X 4's and he went to work. 

I love this shed. It is 6 X 2 X 2 and waterproofed inside and out. All he has left to do is put on the shingles, wheels, and paint it.  I will post the pictures once he gets it finished.

Our logs will be nice and dry all winter. This kid is a keeper. :)


ClicksBy Karen said...

Can I borrow your kid??? LOL Great post!

twistedpixelstudio said...

But I wanted to borrow him too! Tell him Auntie Deb iz proud!

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

that's great!!! how wonderful to have him help like that!