Friday, October 26, 2007

A Poem For My Mom. I Sure Miss Her

Hi All,
The following is a poem I wrote when I was 16. My mom had died from breast cancer a few weeks earlier and I went to the cemetery to visit. I am not a poet by any means, but this is special to me and I wanted to include it on here. She has been gone 20 years and she was such a great mom. I miss her.

So long,
For now,
I have to accept you're gone.
I know,
I know,
Nothing will bring you back;
Not money, not time, not love.

Five minutes,
That's all,
I am not asking for much,
Just five more minutes.

My memories,
I cherish,
They are all I have,
or ever will have;
and even they are fading.

The pain,
The emptiness,
The loneliness,
The heartache.

So long,
for now,
I will think of you often,
As I leave my heart with you.

So long,
for now,
I must go,
The cemetery is closing.
(c)2007 Cindy Breninger. All Rights Reserved.

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