Sunday, December 16, 2007

Out for a bit

Hi all,
Well, my 9 year old son is having surgery tomorrow. It is not a major surgery, but it is still surgery none-the-less. I know he will be fine, but inside, I am still scared. I shouldn't be and I can't let him know that, but as a mom, surgery is the last thing I want for my son.

Anyway, I will try to write, but if I don't, I will get back when I can. Hope you all have a great day and since Thursday is my birthday, I might not be around on that day either. But, I will try.

Ok, I am just rambling as I am nervous about tomorrow. He will be fine...he will be fine...he will be fine.......

Take care!


Maria said...

Oh, I'll be thinking about you. I'm sure everything will be fine, but I will still be checking back for an update. I know what you mean about looking brave. I've had to do that when my son had surgery and when my daughter broke her pinky finger off to the side.

Grilled Pizza said...

He will be fine i'm sure, i also will be checking for updates but if you dont make it back in time Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas xxx

Kitty said...

Awww, thinking of you and your son - I'm sure everything will go well, but I know nothing anyone else can say will make you feel better.

Oh, and Happy Birthday for Thursday! :-) x

MrJourneyman said...

You and your family have all of my happy thoughts!!! In fact, since I'm sure he will have to deal with hospital food, your son can have a double portion of happy thoughts from me!

I hope your day(s) go well...happy birthday, too!


suchsimplepleasures said...

i hope everything goes great! it's always scary, even if it's minor, when kids have to go in for surgery. i freaked out when my two youngest had their tonsils removed! it's the anesthesia that is the scariest part, in my opinion!
good luck and take care!
he'll be fine!

Monica said...

Oh I wish I had read this before surgery, but nonetheless, my daughter had surgery in June and it's no fun. I'll be thinking of you, as I know how hard it is on the mommy - almost harder I think, than the little patient.

Stephen said...

Happy birthday, and I hope everything went well!

Zoe said...

glad to hear that the surgery went well. i know how you feel...even though amonte was only having minor's still surgery. it still calls for them to be knocked out...ugg.