Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Make a Log Toothbrush/Pen/Pencil Holder

Hi! Today I am going to show you how I make a log toothbrush/pen/pencil holder. These are pretty easy to make with the right tools - I know you will be able to do it.

Before beginning any project, I like to nag you, er, remind you to wear your safety goggles and a mask. Someone asked me why I wear a mask when I drill. Well, once I start drilling, bits of sawdust and splinters go flying up. Sometimes I wear a hat to keep them out of my hair, but even that doesn't work very well. I have been hit in the face with flying splinters enough times that I always wear a mask. (I am not wearing a mask in the picture as they just aren't that great to look at.)
Let's begin. 

STEP ONE:  Find a log that has a surface big enough for the number of holes you want. 

STEP TWO:  Cut the log. I always cut both ends so it sits evenly and it is also a lot easier to sand. 

STEP THREE: I mark where I want the holes with a pencil and get ready to drill. For this one, I am using a 3/4" drill bit. 

STEP FOUR: Drill, drill and keep drilling. To make sure the holes are even in depth, I marked my drill bit with nail polish. When that gets to a certain spot in the wood, I stop drilling. 

STEP FIVE:  I love my dremel. Not only is it my favorite tool but it has so many uses. For this project, I used it to clean out the holes. I used the little sandpaper attachment and that worked out nicely.

STEP SIX: Time to sand. I first used grade 60-grit and then finished it off with 220-grit. 

STEP SEVEN: Add a clear coat and whaaa-laaa, you have yourself a log toothbrush or log pencil holder.  Easy, huh?

This one is a custom order, so I ended up woodburning their names on it. I didn't take pictures as I wanted it to be special for them. 
Once you are done, it is time to relax. Put your feet up. Have a cold drink. You are done. Enjoy your hard work and finished project. It feels good to finish what you started. Enjoy it.

Take care. :)
Cindy Breninger

P.S. I am a huge Elvis fan so naturally I have an Elvis picture hanging in my garage. (Who doesn't, right???)  

And as to the "No Worms Allowed" sign, the first day my son bought a woodburner, he saw a worm in the garage and we decided we didn't want them in the garage or in the wood. Here's to hoping they abide by the sign. ;)

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